Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a selection of the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

Is the Mites Program still running?

In short yes…

HOWEVER, we’re awaiting final confirmation of our gym times at Saville. Since there are no school gym rentals this fall, the Saville Center is inundated with rental requests and they have hinted at the fact that we may lose some gym time.

As soon as we receive confirmation we’ll be able to confirm which sessions remain. Priority will always be given to those who registered first if any sessions are cancelled.

What’s up with my balance owing… and this $17 fee?

ABA and EYBA have asked that we use the RAMP registration system which comes with some downsides. This year ABA & RAMP switched things up and added a $17 ABA Membership fee (paid directly to ABA as a membership dues which covers athlete insurance). RAMP’s system incorrectly assumes this fee should be deducted from our fees so it shows the $17 as applied against the total registration fees. For this reason, if you have paid in full it will incorrectly show a $17 credit. This payment is only available by credit card and is processed by ABA, not SWZYBA.

Furthermore, due to some issues with our credit card merchant account provider we DO NOT have the ability to accept credit card payments at this time. E-transfers are the only option at this time.

If you have paid by e-transfer and your balance in RAMP is still showing as owing, we are working on reconciliation and appreciate your patience. Rest assured that if the e-transfer went through, then we have the fees. It is just matter of time till we get to your reconciliation.

What is happening this year… with COVID-19 can we still play??

In short, yes… we expect to play. It will be very different from what we are used to, and there is a lot of uncertainty. See 2020/21 Covid Response

How do I register?
Visit our Registration page to learn more about division ages, fees, and to access the online registration website.

I am applying for funding with KidsSport and/or JumpStart, but registration is asking for credit card payment. What do I do?
This year the Alberta Basketball Association has made a $17 membership fee mandatory for all registrations (this covers insurance for athletes). This is something that is out of our control and the system automatically requires a credit card payment for that.

You can still choose KidSport and JumpStart as a payment option for the main part of registration fees, but the $17 is due by credit card.

My child is registered in another activity, can they still play basketball?
ABA Updated their Return to Play guidelines on Sept. 15. Notwithstanding, (since our policy was set previous to this change) we ARE NOT accepting multi-cohort athletes for the fall session.  We will review this for the winter session.

I registered for A/B teams. How do tryouts work and when are they?
Tryouts are usually scheduled for early Sept. Athletes come for a first round in the morning and then callbacks are issued for athletes continuing to the next stage in the afternoon. Final cuts are made and A/B teams formed in the afternoon.

*Tryouts have not been scheduled yet for this year due to uncertainty surrounding COVID. 

What happens if I don’t make the A/B team?
A/B is a special upper tier belonging to whichever division you register in. If you don’t make the team, you are still registered and will be put on another team in the same division.

Can out-of-zone players register with SW?
Short answer: maybe…
We participate in the EYBA community basketball league. They have advised that players cannot play for a zone outside that in which they live unless:

  1. The athlete attends school in the zone in question
  2. There is no basketball programming available in your area
  3. An Out-of-zone transfer has been applied for and both sending and receiving zones accept the change

How does the volunteer duty work?
SWZYBA is a non-profit organization and your volunteer service helps us run a program that is cost effective for families. It is mandatory to sign up for a volunteer position. These positions include coaching, manager, casino, gear sales, and volunteer draw. If you are unsure about what to choose you can sign up for “volunteer draw” and we will put your name on a list that we can call upon for help at events, sorting equipment, and other various tasks throughout the year. If we need miscellaneous help we reach out to this group of volunteers.

How do I get involved in coaching?
Please use the volunteer section of your child’s registration to indicate that you would like to volunteer for coaching. If you do not have a child in the program, or need to contact us regarding coaching, please email

Can my child play up a division?
You can apply to move up, but we cannot guarantee a spot. Our policy is that if a division fills up, priority is given to children that fall in the official age range.

How long does the season run for?
The City-Wide Community Based Program runs from end-September to mid-March.

When are games played?
Games are played on Saturdays in the Saville Community Sports Centre and in gyms across Edmonton and surrounding communities any time from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. On occasion teams may play 2 games on a Saturday. There will also be occasional Friday evening games.

For A/B teams, games are played on Tuesday evenings (for boys play) and Wednesday evenings (for girls play with some Thursday evenings as well). Games will primarily take place at the Saville Community Sports Centre, however games will also be held at other gyms around the Capital Region.

What team will I be on?
Athletes can request a coach (if they know of any coaches in their division), and request to play with friends when they register. These request are taken seriously, and we make every effort to accommodate requests; however, with nearly 1000 athletes to manage, we cannot grant every request. Thank you for your understanding.

When will practices be held?
Teams will get one practice time per week (subject to gym availability). Coaches will contact athlete’s families after the coaches meeting (early Sept.) with practice time and location.

Practices start the last week of September. Earlier hours are allotted to the younger age groups, with later hours going to the older age groups. Once set, the practice time slot will generally be the same day and time each week. **Please Note: Occasionally practices will be cancelled due to events at the school, such as holiday concerts. If extra gym time is available, coaches can work with SW Basketball to get a different gym time due to cancellations.

Do I need to try out to make a team?
NO! All athletes will be placed on a team and will no one will be cut from SW Basketball.

Try outs ARE available (please indicate during online registration) for athletes in the U-13 (bantam) & U-15 (midget) divisions wishing to play on the A or B team. These take place late August/early Sept. (TBA). Any athletes who do not make an A or B team will still be placed on a team in their division.

Can I cancel my registration and get a refund?

Refunds may be granted on cancelled registrations as described on the registration page.

What are the rules of Gym Etiquette?
Please remember that we are guests in the gyms that we practice and play in. Schools can, and do, report unacceptable behaviour to the City (our booking agent for our gyms times). Following are some guidelines to ensure we can retain our good standing with the City’s gym bookings department.

  • Stick to the gym schedule (do not come extra early,  5-10 min. is acceptable, or stay late)
  • If there is another Southwest team playing after you, please ensure they have gained access before you leave (doors are often locked at the schools and our booking may cover several teams)
  • Do not allow any food or drink to enter the gym (this includes coffee)
  • Remove all dirty footwear and only wear court shoes in the gyms
  • Restrict you and your children’s access to the gym only, do not allow children to run around the school
  • Show kindness and courtesy to the custodians
  • Report any issues to SW Basketball so we can resolve them, do not contact the school or City directly

***Please inquire with us only if you have a specific question regarding refunds that is not addressed here.