Planning for Uncertainty

COVID-19 has thrown a serious curveball into all of our lives… the planning and execution of youth community sports has by no means been spared from this. We are doing our best to move toward a version of community league basketball this season; however, we don’t yet know exactly what it will look like.

Our planning for return to play is based on best practices and guidelines as they emerge from government authorities as well as our governing bodies.

This is a rapidly evolving scenario as new information is being received often. Therefore, we truly appreciate your patience and understanding as we do our best to learn and adapt.

What We Do Know

There are still a lot of unknowns about the near future of community league basketball, but some things are beginning to take shape. Below is a highlight of the most important things we do know about returning to play during the COVID-19 pandemic.


“A Sport Cohort is currently defined as a closed, small group of no more than 50 individuals – consisting of players, officials, coaches, trainers, and/or managers who do not maintain a physical distance of 2 metres at all times from the cohort group, and who participate in the same sport or activity, and remain together for the duration of Stage 2 of the Government of Alberta’s Relaunch Strategy. Individuals may participate in only one sport cohort. Sport cohorts do not need to keep 2 metres apart however, physical distancing should be practiced when not participating on court (i.e. on  sidelines, before & after activities, etc.)”
ABA Return to Play

This means:

  • athletes cannot belong to multiple cohorts… this means athletes playing with SW must not be part of a cohort for another sport, or a school team (season splitting may be explored to remedy this).
  • Team sizes will be limited to comply with guidelines
  • league play will see modifications to divisions and tiers to ensure the 50 people per cohort rule can be followed

Fall / Winter Sessions

We realize that cohort restrictions would limit participation for children who wish to play school sports so we are accepting fall/winter registrations in the event that we can run separate sessions at all levels which would allow children to still play some community basketball as well as school sports.

Fall/Winter sessions are subject to approval and EYBA programming limitations.

Physical Distancing & Hygiene

Spectators will be limited in number and expected to follow hygiene guidelines and physical distancing standards.


Our athletes are insured through Basketball Alberta fees that we submit through EYBA via our team registration fees.

This insurance does not cover communicable diseases; therefore, extra waivers will need to be signed in order to play.

Facility Availability

The largest area of uncertainty regarding return to play is the availability of, and potential new protocols at, our gym rental facilities.

We do not yet know which facilities will. or will not be available. This may have a drastic effect on the number of athletes we can accommodate.

We will inform you as we know more.

Registration Opens July 20th, 2020

Based on all the information we have been given, we are moving forward with registration starting July 20th, 2020.

Numbers will be capped and there will be added waivers and acknowledgements.

New this year

$25 of registration fees will be non-refundable.