Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a selection of the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

What are the rules of Gym Etiquette?
Please remember that we are guests in the gyms that we practice and play in. Schools can, and do, report unacceptable behaviour to the City (our booking agent for our gyms times). Following are some guidelines to ensure we can retain our good standing with the City’s gym bookings department.

  • Stick to the gym schedule (do not come extra early,  5-10 min. is acceptable, or stay late)
  • If there is another Southwest team playing after you, please ensure they have gained access before you leave (doors are often locked at the schools and our booking may cover several teams)
  • Do not allow any food or drink to enter the gym (this includes coffee)
  • Remove all dirty footwear and only wear court shoes in the gyms
  • Restrict you and your children’s access to the gym only, do not allow children to run around the school
  • Show kindness and courtesy to the custodians
  • Report any issues to SW Basketball so we can resolve them, do not contact the school or City directly

How do I register?
Visit our Registration page to learn more about division ages, fees, and to access the online registration website.

Do I need to come to the “In-Person” registration night?
For the most part: NO as we have moved to online registration. However, the following people still DO need to come to the “In-Person” registration night:

  • those who need to pay by cheque or cash
  • those who plan to have part or all of their registration fees paid for by the KidSport or JumpStart subsidy programs
  • those who do not have access to a computer, or have language or other barriers preventing them from registering online

How do I get involved in coaching?
Please use the volunteer section of your child’s registration to indicate that you would like to volunteer for coaching. If you do not have a child in the program, or need to contact us regarding coaching, please email

Can my child play up a division?
Our policy is that if a division fills up, priority has to be given to children that fall in the official age range.

How long does the season run for?
The City-Wide Community Based Program runs from end-September to mid-March.

When are games played?
Games are played on Saturdays in the Saville Community Sports Centre and in gyms across Edmonton and surrounding communities any time from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. On occasion teams may play 2 games on a Saturday. There will also be occasional Friday evening games.

For A/B teams, games are played on Tuesday evenings (for boys play) and Wednesday evenings (for girls play with some Thursday evenings as well). Games will primarily take place at the Saville Community Sports Centre, however games will also be held at other gyms around the Capital Region.

What team will I be on?
Athletes can request a coach (if they know of any coaches in their division), and request to play with friends when they register. These request are taken seriously, and we make every effort to accommodate requests; however, with nearly 1000 athletes to manage, we appreciate your understanding if we cannot grant every request.

When will practices be held?
Teams will get one practice time per week (subject to gym availability). Coaches will contact athlete’s families after the coaches meeting (Sept. 13th) with practice time and locaiton.

Practices start the last week of September. Earlier times are allotted to the younger age groups, with later times going to the older age groups. Once set, the practice time slot will be the same day and time each week. Please note that occasionally practices will be cancelled due to school events, such as holiday concerts. If extra gym time is available, coaches can work with SW Basketball to get a different gym time due to cancellations.

Do I need to try out to make a team?
NO! All athletes will be placed on a team and will no one will be cut from SW Basketball.

Try outs ARE available (please indicate during online registration) for athletes in the bantam & midget divisions wishing to play on the A or B team. These take place Sept. 8, 2018. Any athletes who do not make an A or B team will still be placed on a team in their division.

Can I cancel my registration and get a refund?
Our refund policy is:
-Full refund if registration cancelled in writing (e-mail) prior to Monday, September 17th, 2018.
-Refunds after September 17th may be subject to a $50 service charge and balance of fees evaluated on a case by case basis.