Southwest Zone Youth Basketball Association is a newly formed non-profit organization providing basketball programs to the Southwest Edmonton communities. We are the fruit of the tremendous growth that occurred in the former Southwest Basketball organization (which was formed in 2010 when Riverbend, Yellowbird, Landsdowne, Erminskin, and other communities in the southwest joined together to better provide basketball opportunities within the area).

In recent years we have registered over 1000 youth from our communities ranging from ages 6 to 17 years!

Southwest Basketball teams plays within the Edmonton Youth Basketball Association (EYBA) and the program runs from September to March each year.

Zone Boundaries

The Southwest Basketball Zone Boundaries are: North Saskatchewan River to the north and west, Calgary Trail to the east and city limits to the south.


The Southwest programs emphasize fun, fitness, and achievement as goals for all participants. We believe that winning is not the only goal in youth sports, but is secondary to learning teamwork, dedication, and having fun. We want our players to enjoy playing and practicing the sport of basketball in an inclusive environment. Email with any questions.

Your Southwest Basketball Directors:
Rick Nisbet
Al Lee
Connie Gilson
Christy Harker
Dave Olsen
Lynn Hallson (past director)